‘Past, Present, Future: about being an architect yesterday, today, and beyond’ is a project by Itinerant Office centred around a selection of internationally-renowned architects investigating the profession through a line of research based on a video-interview format. The investigation is divided into 3 parts: the ‘Past’, revealing personal memories and interests; the ‘Present’, asking questions about the secrets behind their successes; and the ‘Future’, raising key issues regarding the future of the profession.

Every year ‘Past, Present, Future’ releases a new episode while building a network of established architects worldwide. Episode 1 includes a selection of 11 practices from Italy and the Netherlands. The 2nd episode involves 13 illustrious architects from Spain, Portugal, France, and Belgium.

Episode 3 will be realised in 2021. In the meantime, take a look at the first two episodes or get in touch with our team at the following email:

episode 1    |   episode 2